Monday, August 07, 2006

Stuff You'd (Probably) Never Say Before Having Kids

"OK, everyone! Parking lot hands!"
"Your shirt is not a napkin." (A few of you ladies may have to say this to your men.)
"Turn off the lights and go to sleep NOW!" (My dh tells me a polite version of this whenever I'm up late click-clacking on the computer.)


kelli said...

WHAT are parking lot hands!?!?

Silly Old Mom said...

"Parking lot hands" has become our family shorthand for "We're in a parking lot, so everybody hold hands!" Three kids under seven, ya know. We're at the point now where all I have to say is, "Hands!" and they link up.

concernedCTparent said...

BK (before kids) I never tied double knots in my own shoes or cut my own pancake into small pieces only to realize, to my horror, that the shoes are on my own adult feet and that those dainty bite-size pieces are for my personal consumption!

We have "parking lot rules"... same idea.

I've even been caught counting down (3...2...1) when my husband doesn't respond to his name the first time.

Yes, that parenting gene is quite powerful, I'd say.