Friday, August 18, 2006

Book Shopping Draws to a Close

I'm finally finishing my history book planning, and it turns out I won't be buying as many history books as I'd planned. I'll actually have to set foot in the public library this year, LOL. Things would've been different if we hadn't decided to buy the 58-book set of Hardy Boys books for The Goose's birthday this month. I also ordered our chemistry curriculum this week, so that's another set of books I've bought. It just means that I'm closer to being done than I thought.

It's a good thing. Once I sat down and matched the titles I've been collecting over the past year with the relevant chapters in SOTW3, I've got about 13 chapters covered. We'll buy a few more books -- several on church history and a few fiction classics -- but most of the rest will be on audio or borrowed from the library. I figure if we're doing extra reading for 18-20 chapters in SOTW3, we're doing well.

We thought The Goose would take about a year to finish the Hardy Boys series, but she's finishing a volume about every three days. I hope that pace will slow a bit as we transfer much of her reading time to school. The books are still in the treasure chest dh designed for her birthday (a mystery theme party, of course). They desperately need a permanent home. I've got some serious book rearranging to do before we start on the 28th.


Nan said...

Just had to say "hi" since I saw you over on Challies! I haven't gotten in on the conversation but I just love some of the discussions that happen there.
Anyways, it was fun seeing someone I "know".

Silly Old Mom said...

Yeah, same here! But girl, you really need to find the Enter key on your keyboard. (It's on the right hand side, above the Shift key.) Paragraph breaks are your friend! LOL.

Nan said...

ROFL! When on a midnight reformed escapade I cannot and will not be held responsible for poor paragraph structure (or dumb typos). It's the sort of thing you just write as it pours off your fingertips and by the time your (okay, I'm) done I am way too tired to go back and fix it up in the "English class" way.
Joop is a tough cookie. We went around and around on the age of accountability discussion a while back.

Nan said...

case in point. I left the ' off of "you're".