Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Interrupt This Program... bring you "Mad Libs Junior: Comic-Book Hero", as authored by the Goose. Words in bold print are the ones she inserted.

My favorite comic-book character is the Purple Flea. She's a superhuman creature with tons of sad powers. When a bad guy attacks, her thumb tuns into the size of a/an pineapple and shoots out a poison pirate. She is able to make any enemy snore with fright. Her sidekick is a giant purple balloon who starts to dance whenever he smells trouble. And she rides around in a/an smelly jet that's shaped like a/an house. When she isn't fighting crime, she poses as a/an hairy schoolteacher. The only key to her identity is a/an magical purple mark right above her lung. When I grow up, I hope I burp just like her!