Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not Funny Anymore

In the midst of our three-week heat wave, I got the kids signed up for swimming lessons. This week was the first week of class. Every single day was overcast, about 70 degrees in the middle of the day until it burned off in the afternoon. Today we had DRIZZLE. "OK, Lord, I get the joke. Hot/cold, ha ha. But this isn't funny anymore. We're freezing our hineys off in the water." "And why couldn't we have this weather when we got married 11 years ago?!" Not the most reverent attitude, I know.

On the bright side, dh brought me a dozen long-stemmed roses for our anniversary tomor-- today! I really needed them, too. I'm in the process of banishing all the toys from the kids' room, sparing only the dinosaurs. (The circumstances surrounding this project are less than happy.) The Power Rangers made an early exit to the garage last week. Now I've got fifty boxes of toys in my living room, and they won't fit in the garage. DH suggested taping them shut and putting them back in the room. I think that'll work. The kids can gradually earn the toys back as they prove their room-cleaning abilities, or as soon as I grow out these bald spots I got from tearing my hair out.


kelli said...

Totally off topic, but I am sorry for the brick wall you hit at CED's blog. For what it is worth, I agree with you.

And I like your blog!!! I never visited you here before. I will come back and visit again.

Silly Old Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kelli.

I haven't been back over to CED's yet to survey the damage. I assume "brick wall" means it wasn't received well. That's pretty much what I expected. Well, that and becoming Target of the Day at the "other" board.

Who knows? Maybe some of what I said will stay in her mind and percolate for awhile. The whole thing is just depressing.

I saw your blog. I like the template! I bookmarked the link you gave so I can putter around there later.

You know what's funny? I didn't even realize who you were because of the blog template. I'd seen your son's wedding pix under the old template, and I thought you were a completely different person. I had to delete the words "Good to 'meet' you." I'm such a doofus.

Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. I saw the checkmark next to my name. Does that mean I'm new? Cuz when I was a kid, a checkmark next to my name on the board meant I'd been REALLY bad that day. Name on board = bad. Name + checkmark = BUSTED.

kelli said...

LOL! No, the checkmarks are just part of the template package. I think they mean that there is a link. They show up next to all my posts that contain links. I really don't know for sure what their purpose is, but they came with the template and I don't know how to make them go away!