Monday, July 31, 2006

It's a BAW-gin!

I mentioned in the last post that I buy most of my additional reading books for history and science. What I didn't mention is my list of favorite bargain book sources -- used curriculum sales, Scholastic warehouse sales, and bargain-book liquidation outlets.

Used curriculum sales are my most favorite. I go to one held annually in June, and I've found some great bargains. This year I stocked up on a big stack of "Key to" workbooks and answer keys, some fiction titles for $2 or less, and the Building Thinking Skills Level 1 workbook AND teacher's manual. There's no better place around here to check out a resource in person before buying. Last year, I bought a stack of Saxon hardcover textbooks for a friend of mine, and I scored myself an older edition of the Math-It game (including the upper level stuff) for only $5.

Scholastic warehouse sales are good, too. 50% off is always a good deal. But I have to walk past hundreds of copies of Junie B. Jones, SpongeBob, and sports-related nonfiction to find stuff I can use.

Bargain-book liquidators have been the source of some surprisingly good finds. Last week I found a copy of Peter the Great by Diane Stanley -- one of the nonfiction titles I'm considering for this year. But the kids section has all its fiction books shoved onto the shelves with no discernible rhyme or reason. But like they say, half of it is just the thrill of the hunt.

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