Thursday, July 20, 2006

Climb Every Mountain, Swim Every Stream

I successfully scaled Mt. Beach Laundry, took a break over the weekend, and have begun my assault on Mt. Laundry-Left-Over-From-Before-Vacation. The summit is slowly coming into view, but I paused a little today to teach the kids how to play Crazy Eights. The Goose has a tin with "kid games" in it, so we've been bingeing on Old Maid (Thrillsville). The kid version of Crazy Eights has all these funky shapes instead of the suits on a regular deck of cards. That, and the colors aren't distinct enough -- red looks like orange looks like soft pink. I blundered on explaining the wild eight card rule (been a looooonnnng time), and when I realized it, The Goose already had a big handful of cards in her hand. I told her we should start over, and use a regular deck of cards. She was aghast, and said she didn't want to play anymore. The Flea agreed, and I was left with The Boy, who is quite the expert at having a hissy fit when he doesn't win.

Today was hot... temperatures in the triple popsicles (that's how many I had today). I pumped up the pool for the kids, and they played for a good 45 minutes. I'm making headway on my "summer reading list" for The Goose, but I need to finish up before the summer's over (duh).

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